The project is motivated by:

1. The significant changes in the global industry and the increasing role of optimization in structural design.

2. The need to adapt the new developed optimization technique for industrial use. Thus, this project proposal can be treated as an industrialization of the existing biomimetic optimization method. The project scenario assumes in the first phase the search for potential industrial applications of the new optimization method in aerospace industry, civil engineering and maritime industry, assuming, that the specialists from these areas will be included in the project team.

The main objectives of the of the project are summarized as follows:

1. Preparation of possible implementations of optimization methods in a wide range of applications (aviation - the internal structures of aircraft components, optimization of consistent elements, suspension, engine supports, etc., marine engineering, civil engineering - design of buildings, masts, etc.

2. Acceleration and simplification of the numerical calculations: (clarification of theoretical assumptions, the search for other ways to implement the postulate of constant strain energy density on the surface of the structure), development of existing software with particular emphasis on finite element mesh generator, preparation of computational tasks based on the CAD model, interpretation of topology optimization results and the possibility of the process automation.



The project is supported by the grant of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR).
Agreement no. TANGO1/266483/NCBR/2015